Osteopathic Treatment

An Osteopath aims to restore the normal function and stability of the joints and soft tissue of the body to help the body heal itself.

Stephen's Wood Osteopathic and Wellness Clinic

Each treatment is unique to each individual patient.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage is mainly used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists promote, maintain, or restore health through physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis, patient education, physical intervention, rehabilitation, disease prevention and health promotion.


Reiki is a Japanese word, where ‘Re’ means Universal and ‘ki’ means Life Force Energy. It is a complimentary healing therapy. Our Reiki practitioner uses a technique called palm healing or
hands-on healing. This involves placing their hands on parts of the body and channelling universal energy through the palms of the hands to the patient.

Benefits of Reiki include:
 supports relaxation and stress relief
 heals inflammation and infections
 promotes emotional healing and spiritual growth
  relieves injury symptoms
 provides relief for chronic pain, anxiety and depression
 increases energy levels

Reiki is becoming increasingly integrated into traditional medical care as a powerful
alternative therapy for healing and promoting well-being in patients.
It is gentle, comforting and non-invasive. It is easily integrated into an overall wellness and lifestyle plan. Whether you are looking to improve mild health concerns, are searching for ways to reduce stress, or are grappling with more significant health challenges, Reiki treatment is a profound and effective method for healing on a multi-layered and holistic
level: mind, body and spirit.

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Stephen’s Wood Osteopathic
Wellness Clinic

Here at Stephen’s Wood Osteopathic and Wellness Clinic, we offer a multidimensional and holistic approach to healthcare delivered in an idyllic woodland setting. The clinic ethos embraces 4 core osteopathic principles.

1.The body functions as a unit – Body, mind and spirit.

2.Structure and function are interrelated.

3.The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing and health maintenance.

4.Rational treatment is based on understanding these principles.

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Osteopathic Therapy

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Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

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Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Therapeutic Swedish Massage

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thlectic therapist

Injury Rehabilitation

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Craniosacral Therapy

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Physical Therapy

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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Life Coaching Consultations service

Life Coaching Consultations

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Mindfulness Training service

Mindfulness Training

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“When you have adjusted the physical to its normal demands, nature supplies the remainder”
– Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. Founder of Osteopathy


Rose McNena
Rose McNena
Thank you Sara for the great cranial session Feeling benefits in the body 🙌
John Hurley
John Hurley
My first secession with Neil today. Absolutely outstanding. Very professional . Got all my details of injury etc and then proceeded with working on injury. Felt very relaxed and treatment is to a high level of standard. Very safe, very clean, very friendly. Quality and value for money outstanding. Second secession today with Jimmy. Again very friendly, very relaxed, very professional and got full hours work done. Again outstanding and great value for your money with highest Quality of care. Stephen's Wood Clinic highly recommended.
Cecilia Desmond
Cecilia Desmond
I highly recommend Neil for injuries or chronic issues. He helped me massively over the past year, including through my pregnancy and related issues. In my experience he tries to solve problems and is a very honest practitioner.
Sara Devoy
Sara Devoy
Stephen's Wood is an excellent environment for dealing with your health. The atmosphere is professional, super Covid aware and yet un clinical. There is a reassuring atmosphere of calm that will enhance any of the treatments that you book at the clinic. Think ease of parking...think inner and outer strength.!! Think calm!


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