Craniosacral Therapy

Cranial Osteopathy is known for its application to the cranium and the sacrum (at the base of the spine). It is an extremely gentle system of diagnosis and treatment, checking and correcting more refined strains within the body. Despite the name it can be applied to any tissue in the body. It tends to be the sole treatment for babies and children and is also used on adults. The cranial approach to treatment is very gentle and works in a way that encourages the tissues to ease and release themselves rather than applying force. Adults and babies find Cranial treatment very relaxing, and may fall asleep during or after. From a treatment perspective it is very similar if not identical to Cranial Sacral Therapy. Osteopath John E. Upledger discovered and pioneered Cranial Sacral Therapy to teach non osteopathic practitioners how to do cranial osteopathy.

Craniosacral therapy involves the entire cranial system and not just the skull, having far reaching effects on the entire body. You do not necessarily have to be sick to benefit from craniosacral therapy and it can be a helpful in relieving stress and maintaining health.

However, it is typically used to treat the effects of mild and severe disorders such as:


Digestive issues

Tension headaches

Chronic pain



Migraine headache

Complex regional pain syndrome

Fascial adhesions

Multiple sclerosis

Speech impairment


Neurodegenerative diseases

Temporo-mandibular joint syndrome


Post-concussion syndrome