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Stephen’s Wood Osteopathic
Wellness Clinic

Here at Stephen’s Wood we offer a holistic approach to healthcare, prescribing to an osteopathic philosophy and falling under an osteopathic umbrella. The clinics primary practitioner, Neil O’ Grady, is a registered osteopath and is surrounded and supported by therapists that are closely aligned with and complement osteopathic treatment.

Neil sustained many injuries as a competitive athlete and during an extensive career in the military. This experience has given him an insight, empathy and understanding of the patients at the clinic. His prior experiences have allowed him to develop and implement a coherent treatment model reducing the need for visits to numerous clinics during the lifecycle of a single injury. The aim is to provide an accurate diagnosis from the outset, appropriate osteopathic treatment and advice, high quality soft tissue work and expert rehabilitation. This is delivered by a small and unified team with a single goal; restoration of your health and wellbeing.

Here at Stephen’s Wood we aim to support the patient throughout their entire journey, from injury back to wellness and under one roof.

We treat a diverse range of patients ranging from very young to very old, athletes and non-athletes. We look forward to helping you.